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This is the place to find the most sought-after good luck charm of all time, the unicorn horn. Included with the lucky unicorn horn is “The Secret of the Unicorn”,
a book containing heretofore undisclosed secrets and myths about unicorns
for unicorn lovers, the young at heart, and children. 
This unicorn collectable book is filled with full color unicorn pictures
and over 30 other wonderful illustrations. 
The unicorn book describes the history and uses of the mythological unicorn horn. 
Each book includes a lucky unicorn horn or unicorn pendant,
which is a wonderful piece of unicorn jewelry as well as being a lucky charm -
available in seven colors, to make the fantasy of
the unicorn more tangible. 

To find out more about “The Secret of the Unicorn Horn”
and unicorn gifts and accessories,
click on either the hare or the turtle.

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